Because Personalized URLs can capture additional warm leads for you in addition to your current mail/lead generation efforts. In today鈥檚 marketplace, a total integrated direct marketing campaign starts with direct mail and utilizes the internet and telephone for a total solution. The old model of direct mail-to-phone response has morphed into direct mail-to-Internet and direct mail-to-phone. The same challenge still exists: How do I maximize my ROI?

Our Personalized URL Lead Conversion System will allow you to personalize, motivate response, survey and quantify your results! Here鈥檚 how:

  • Personalize your campaign. Statistics prove that a prospect is much more likely to respond to a direct mailer when the proposition is directed to them personally rather than to 鈥淥ccupant, Resident or Dear Sir/Madame鈥. Personalized URLs address the prospect personally and directs them to a personalized web page:聽
  • Motivate a direct mail response. By utilizing Personalized URLs, you can improve your direct mail to Internet response by as much as 40%! The vast majority of people are more willing to give you information when they receive a reward for their time. Personalized URLs are designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Survey your lead responses. Traditionally, the telemarketer would conduct a short survey to qualify the lead. Now with the Internet as a direct mail campaign tool, you have the ability to use online surveys to capture and qualify your leads.
  • Complementing your campaign with a Personalized URL can increase your survey response and ROI by giving the respondent a reward, from our outstanding selection of products in exchange for their time and input.
  • Quantify your results. Our Personalized URL Lead Conversion System provides you with a comprehensive tracking report, which allows you to continuously tailor your campaign in order to maximize your campaign鈥檚 ROI.
The Personal URL individualizes or customizes each direct mail piece. The Personalized URL is a personalized website (ie:聽聽) creating a more likely response: If someone sees an entire website devoted to them: They are more likely to:

鈥 Notice it more on the mailer
鈥 Become intrigued to check it out.
鈥 Technology such as variable data imaging helps to create personalized messages on the mailers to improve response. This allows the customer to notice the mailer and the PURL entices them to RESPOND to it.

The use of the PURL 鈥 in combination with unique incentives ON THE MAILPIECE helps to:

鈥 Motivate an IMMEDIATE response to an event or special offer, etc.
鈥 Example of mailer: 鈥淒ear Mike, you鈥檝e been selected to receive a $100 in gas rebates, a DVD player, a Digital Camera or a Ramada Vacation. To find out which you鈥檒l receive, log on to your personal webpage (or come into the event) 鈥β犫.

Once on the website: Mike will be enticed on his LANDING PAGE to claim his reward by visiting the dealer during an event 鈥 or within a time limitation 鈥 in order to take advantage of the advertised offer.

Mike will have an option to be guaranteed an incentive for filling out a simple survey which is the key to CAPTURING EXTREMELY WARM LEADS for each company. The site is fully customizable so you can include product information, or photographs on this page.

Campaigns can include 鈥減in #鈥檚鈥 which allow various campaigns to be tracked using the same website. This feature also allows for giveaway odds (i.e. 鈥 999,999 people get a certain pin # which relates to one prize, and only 1 gets a different pin # which relates to the big prize). Pin #鈥檚 are optional.

WARM leads via the SURVEY PAGE can provide SPECIFIC, CUSTOMIZABLE answers to important questions such as:

鈥 When the prospect expects to be in the market for a new vehicle

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